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Handmade in the UK, unwind with 100% plant-based Bath Bombs, inspired by beautiful British lakes.

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Vegan, Organic and natural ingredients

Unwind with 100% plant-based Bath Bombs

We specialise in hand made Bath Bombs that contain natural ingredients in the cathedral City of Lincoln in the United Kingdom; English Sea Salt Flakes and 100% Essential Oils are the key base ingredients in all our products which are inspired by beautiful British lakes.

Following customer requests selected Bath Bombs are available with Pure CBD Isolate 99.9% and are safety assessed and legal.

All products are free from animal testing, toxins and wash away easily with no staining the bath. Simply, drop zebomb, and unwind with your chosen scents.

From the packaging to the essential oils

100% ethically handmade in the UK

Have you ever opened a box from an order you placed online and found another box inside the box it was delivered in?

zebomb founder Marc is incredibly passionate about the environment and sustainability which is why these values have been poured into every single element of zebomb – from how we ethically source our natural ingredients, to the environmentally friendly packaging we use and how we package and post them to you.

Using the CBD bath bomb/fizzer following a long walk. Really helps to relax my muscles. Great product
Jo Sylvester
Jo Sylvester
10. January, 2021.
Love to support a local company and these bath bombs are hand made which makes them really special, from the packaging through to the smell they are all round lovely. I've bought a few for gifts recently and have had rave reviews they really do make a bath a bit more special!
Kimberley Yardley
Kimberley Yardley
5. November, 2020.
I’m a huge fan of bath bombs. I’ve always loved essential oils and my bedtime lavender spray is a game changer. What I’m not a fan of is messy bath bombs full of perfume, colourings and nasty ingredient you shouldn’t be soaking in, plus the awful mess they leave. Finding these bath bombs was a dream come true, not only do they give me the peace of mind I’m soaking in a safe product, but I don’t have to spend 10 minutes washing unnecessary mess out of the tub after. Clean and ethical beauty always gets a thumbs up from me!
Chrissy Law
Chrissy Law
30. November, 2019.
Zebomb products were recommended to me by a friend who insisted that these bath bombs were like no other. And so I purchased my first order (yes we’ve placed more orders since). It was worth every penny. Not only did the product really help me to relax (as I struggle to on my over active thyroid treatment) but it smelt natural and rather fantastic compared to the other brands I’d tried on the market. Oh and I didn’t find the bath tub fighting against my feet like an ice rink when I drained the bath. I own a wedding stationery business called Invigraph. We decided to give our first 40 brides of 2019 a free bath bomb from Zebomb and the feedback was unbelievable! Well done to the Zebomb team. We can’t wait to see what else you have to offer. Bring on Christmas !
julie armstrong
julie armstrong
30. November, 2019.
Fantastic bath bombs, particularly the Lough Neagh Bath Bomb infused with lavender oil; it's a great sleep aid.
Daniel Short
Daniel Short
12. November, 2019.
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