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Have you ever opened a box from an order you placed online and found another box inside the box it was delivered in!? It’s just silly and not very environmentally friendly is it? We’ve all seen the plastic wastages in the ocean recently.

That is why our values and ethos is to be as socially responsible as possible as a business foundation, from how we source our ingredients locally and most importantly packaging!

We source all our ingredients from within the UK and locally to support our economy and jobs, this includes our packaging.

We also thought it would be silly and irresponsible to create packaging for our bath bombs which would then be packaged in another container for postage because this is not environmentally friendly or cost effective to you or us. It’s just not smart either, is it?

So, we have tried to be socially responsible by carefully sourcing recyclable tubes for orders of just 3 or 4 packs of bath bombs to post to you safely and securely. Bath bombs are wrapped in tissue paper/glassine bag with a small product label for legal requirements and safety warnings. Depending on the number of singular items (i.e 1 or 2) orders a standard posting box will be used instead. We encourage our customers to order in packs of 3 or 4 to help the environment. The only guilty area is the tubes use plastic end caps, so we are transitioning to boxes.

Now, the really smart bit is postage, to make use of Royal Mails service effectively, we can post small parcels under 2kg for £2.95 currently through Royal Mails Click and Drop service; therefore, we have calculated that 3/4 bath bombs per postal tube/box is the most economic and environmentally friendly way to deliver bath bombs directly to you and aim to achieve our goal of making bath bombs a commodity for all! This is how we can calculate into our business costs for free postage and packaging (P&P) for all orders over £20. How sensible are we and you for looking after our environment and costs by doing this? Brilliant!

We won’t be stopping here either, we will be constantly looking at ways to improve this.