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“The goal: create Vegan-friendly Bath Bombs​ with CBD options. Handmade in the UK using natural 100% pure Essential Oils and English Sea Salt Flakes.”

Hello, I’m Marc and I hand make simple, clean and natural bath bombs here in Lincoln, UK inspired by beautiful serene lakes which are my favourite place to relax peacefully and unwind. These beautiful lakes inspired me to create these high quality products that everyone can enjoy. I hope you like them and find the imagery and footage as stunning as I do transporting you to a lovely relaxing space during bath time.

It’s also important to me to sell them at a price that everyone could afford and easily re-order online as a future consumable that everyone can use to spruce up their bath time after a long and busy day.

Like most people, we all lead very busy lives, (school, college, uni, work, gym, parenting and much more) including myself, who works full time working in adult social care. I enjoy making bath bombs to unwind, relax and enjoy even more so selling them to people who need to also unwind, relax and take back control of their day by soaking in a lovely hot bath.

So, rather than ignoring my dream – I thought why not join a growing trend of people starting up a ‘side hustle’; a small business selling the things I love, to make time for my family, nieces and nephews whilst making them. Thank you very much for your support locally and nationally in helping me share my products and grow our local and national economy.

Let’s hope it can continue and grow with all your support. Please share your story on how these bath bomb fizzers make you feel on our Instagram profile or social media pages.

Thank you for your support and please take a moment to watch the short video I produced to show my vision.

Marc, Chief Bath Bomber