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Since launching zebomb Bath Fizzers almost a year ago my friends and family have inevitably started to receive bath bomb gifts from me for their birthdays, weddings, Christmas presents, thank you’s and of course sometimes to give them a little treat they otherwise may not have purchased themselves to unwind – lucky them.

So, I thought I’d write this month about the 5 reasons why bath bombs make the perfect gift and try and share my love of these handmade little balls of joy! Let’s start with number 1…

1. Who doesn’t love taking a soak in essential oils and salts to de-stress?

The first thing I would say is that nobody has complained or been disappointed when I hand them a pack of bath bombs that are smelling ridiculously amazing. The essential oils are quite potent, and you really can imagine yourself drifting away in a warm hot bath washing away all your woes and stress. You always leave a bath soak with a bath bomb feeling totally relaxed. So go on, treat someone!

2. It’s an excuse to say “right, I’m going to use my gift for my birthday and have a bath”!

Now, not that we don’t love spending time with our friends and family, but sometimes, just sometimes…you need a break! You deserve it and you deserve the time to take a nice long soak in the bath without feeling guilty. After all it was a gift, you can’t let it go to waste it was part of your treat. We’re all super busy and it is important to take yourself out of the very busy and often scary world out there, in which, for that moment you can control your time and your thoughts alone. Perfect.

3. The ingredients such as essential oils and salts really can make you feel the zebomb! A real SPA experience

Most bath bombs (and be careful to check the ingredients) contain amazing natural ingredients such as essential oils and sea salt. Essential oils can be very potent and the aromas and claims of benefits from each oil as I outlined in my zeblog It’s the ultimate year of plant power. Learn how essential oils can invigorate you – really can make you feel relaxed, de-stressed and ready to take on the next challenge that is thrown at you in the big wide world. Find your favourites, try them all and find what works for you. For me, Ylang Ylang is just beautiful and every time I smell this, I can feel my shoulders just relax and untense. Jasmine is similar, it is very sweet and calming – you can’t help but feel yourself wind down.

4. You can now get ones with a kick containing CBD

Well, I’ve covered this new trend a few times in my blogs, but feedback so far and growing evidence globally is starting to report that the use of CBD (Cannabinoid) Isolate in bath bombs can take you to a new level of serenity and relaxation. As I outlined in my zeblog What is CBD (Cannabidiol)? Here comes the UK bath bomb revolution CBD is starting to potentially help people suffering from anxiety, aches and pains and overall health and wellbeing.

5. They’re good for the environment, handmade and fun to use

For me I use only naturally sources ingredients locally and this includes all of my packaging which is eco-friendly so that I am being socially responsible at all times. I’ve got a full page on Social Responsibility if you would like to learn more – but the point is, you can have fun with a product that doesn’t include plastic bottles or ingredients in bubble or soaps etc that is not very good for our planet. Another guilt free reason to use a bath bomb and gift one.

I have to say, handmaking bath bombs is a great deal of fun and relaxation for me. I am grateful to all my bath bomb lovers who have helped me grow my side hustle which has been running for almost a year and I’m hoping to use my time to enjoy this more over the coming months.

For me, British lakes are a part of the country that inspire me and remind me that nature can be a lovely place to reside in so mixing this love with the love of these bath bombs is a real pleasure to transport myself and people to this space.

I’m excited for the next year and I am hoping to continue to reach out to people the best I can and ensure that they are aware of my 100% plant-based, natural, organic and vegan friendly essential oil and CBD bath bombs.

I believe in this natural aspect and they are a great treat for people at times when one might feel overwhelmed to bring us back to reality and rational thoughts. So please do head on over to the Shop and check out the range of 8 lake inspired British bath bomb Fizzers. Don’t forget I can add a little Gift Wrapping sparkle at checkout too…?