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Since launching my new CBD bath bomb range I have received a lot of frequently asked questions (FAQ) from people surrounding the legality, effects, costs and personal anxieties about using CBD. A key question asked is ‘Why would I use a CBD bath bomb, and why over other CBD products such as popular CBD Oil?‘. I completely understand these concerns, as with any new products on the market we must be careful and scrutinise accordingly.

To answer these questions, rather than me researching and finding the answers, I’ve reached out to one of my customers Elly who has kindly agreed to share her story with me and you in the hope it might alleviate any concerns you might have. Elly is 33 and lives in England, UK. I asked Elly a series of 8 FAQs in the hope that she can share her journey in what led to her trying CBD bath bombs.

Elly’s honest and direct answers outlined below show a growing trend amongst the UK people that the CBD products are still widely carefully scrutinised – and quite rightly. However, it is important to note that CBD research as I’ve outlined in my previous blog ‘What is CBD (Cannabidiol)? Here comes the UK bath bomb revolution‘ is starting to evidence people can have great benefits from using this plant.

The NHS in the UK has recently even started to formally prescribe cannabis oil for certain medical conditions such as epilepsy, nausea from chemtherapy and multiple sclerosis (MS); however, I must stress that CBD Bath Bombs are intended for cosmetic purposes and not medical treatments.

So let’s get started, and thank you to Elly for sharing her story with us:

How did you first encounter CBD?

I’d never heard of CBD until I saw news articles on the medicinal benefits of cannabis in pain management and end of life care. I then started seeing news about CBD extract in particular which I started to take more notice of when I saw it had much of the benefits in the management of anxiety without the “high”.

What were the drivers that made you interested in CBD?

I suffer quite badly with sleep deprivation and insomnia, it’s always been something I’ve suffered with since I was a child. I’ve tried so many different things and everything seems to work temporarily. I also suffer with anxiety which I take a low dose of medication for so I was looking for something to also help with my anxiety when its at its worst.

How did you research CBD and how was you sure what you were buying was real?

I started by reading articles from trusted news sources like BBC News, Sky News, etc. I avoided just Googling CBD at first as I wanted to avoid fake news articles. I was interested in the science behind CBD and the medical research that has been done on its pros and cons.

Why a bath bomb and not a CBD Oil or other products?

I’m more of a shower person day-to-day so when I have a bath is really something I do to unwind and relax so the idea of using CBD in the bath was the perfect combination.

What anxieties or concerns did you have about this new product on the UK market?

The legality was something that worried me as I didn’t really know what the laws were. Marc’s blog’s and links to government websites helped in my understanding of why, it is because the bits that make you high are taken out before it is allowed to be sold.

Did zebomb help in any of this process?

We discussed dosage together, I had no clue what to go with but Marc helped me and suggested that the lowest dose would be all I needed. This was nice because it immediately felt like Marc wasn’t just trying to sell the product, we spent time just discussing what I was after.

Have the products met your expectations?

Yes, definitely. Firstly having bath bombs has ‘forced’ me to take some R&R time. Secondly, I have noticed the calming feeling after my baths with the CBD bath bomb, like a nice soothing feeling. I generally use my CBD bath bombs after a busy day, a couple of hours before bed as it helps me unwind.

Do you have any advice to new customers who are unsure about the CBD bath bombs?

If you’re on the fence about trying CBD bath bombs just bite the bullet and give them a try. If they don’t work for you then that’s fine! You don’t lose anything by giving them a go.

I am really pleased Elly has been able to answer the FAQs openly and honestly, I hope it will help you understand and navigate your way through the CBD market and try products that work for you. I certainly don’t think we have seen the last of CBD products in the UK and recently the Food Standards Agency (FSA) has now formally advised that all CBD products must be registered by March 2021.

The article below outlines this and I really welcome this. Since my CBD bath bombs are cosmetic products, I have had to already have these Cosmetic Product Safety Assessed (CPSA) to sell legally and I was always surprised that food related supplements containing CBD appeared to not have the same scrutiny.

I have since updated my Ultimate UK CBD Guide to include Elly’s story and you can download, print and share this with friends and family over on my dedicated CBD page, just whip in your email address and it will be fired into your inbox. It covers some more detailed facts about THC (the bit that gets you high), your natural endocannabinoid system (ECS) and actually CBD isolate in the bath absorbs much quicker into your bloodstream for a better experience over the oils.

Lastly, I am still enjoying making bath bombs since launching last year and I never thought I would be creating a CBD product – so please do head on over to the Shop and take a look at the 8 new lake inspired bath bombs. I’d love to hear from you and your story from using CBD bath bombs, so drop me an email if you would like to share your story with me at hello@zebombfizzers.co.uk