Photo by Nathan McBride

New year, new you, new everything…right? Well hold on…don’t get super hyped just yet! Let’s reflect and set some new fresh motivating goals for the following year that are achievable and positive as well.

Starting as a means to go on…here’s my top 5 goals this year…

1. Keep things short, sweet and direct

This year, in regards to my work, life and relationship building with friends and family (who knows what else)…my number one goal is to be as direct and to the point as possible in the least amount of time.

In any work there is usually lots of ‘fluff’ around everything and bureaucracy. Even when you’ve tried to remove it over time it slowly creeps in for ways to control everything.

Let’s try keep making things moving as much as we can, as positive outcomes in whatever you do usually arise from people that keep things short, sweet and direct.

This does extend to other relationships as well, don’t waste your time building relationships which are one way and not as direct and honest as you need them to be.

2. Cook a new healthy meal a week

Cooking is not a natural skill of mine and as I explained in my blog 10 ways to practice self-care I learned how to do this late in my life when it should have been taught at school. So this year every week…yes every week, I am going to learn one new healthy meal. The last one was a clean healthy turkey curry!

This just gives me a little weekly goal to get out, get the ingredients and get back and cook something with some music and see how it turns out. This is a nice feeling and uplifting.

Ok, so this one isn’t super healthy but I have a new book my sister gave me called Delia’s How to Cheat at Cooking …and I have a new taste for Seaford! Try find a new cookbook to inspire you maybe?

3. Move my legs more

Normally, I would say get yourself fit and join the gym. However, I have tried that many times before to no avail, so I shan’t be advising that this year ha ha. I will be advising you to walk more though, I set myself a goal to walk at least 30 minutes a day if not more. At weekends even longer, I recently walked 2 hours with friends and it randomly snowed! I was so excited like a big kid I could not believe it. Look at all the snow in the selfie I took?! How far can you walk this year?

4. Learn something new

I graduated with my MBA at the end of 2019 which seems so long ago now so I have signed up to a new professional course to become certified in my field of full time work. It’s a difficult challenge and requires an exam but I’m sure there is something that you could sign up too as well  to give it a go? It will keep your brain healthy and memory ticking over I’m sure.

5. Be kind to myself

Most people can be harsh on themselves, judge where they are in life, relationships, work and where they wanted to be at certain ages. Often wondering what things might be like if they chose this option or developed a relationship with this person. It’s probably best not to do this as much as you can and maybe not until your death bed? Which hopefully will be further away than you might think.

It’s important to be kind to yourself because the world certainly usually is not. As long as you keep true to your values, morales and stay strong minded surely you can smash through this year being happy with what you’ve achieved? Maybe just even getting through another year?

So they are my 5, what would yours be?

As always, I will end on the note of advising you to please check out my handmade bath bombs in the online Shop. Let’s see if I can continue to grow zebomb and enjoy what new opportunities and excitement it might bring. Thanks again for your support.