Image by Peter H.

Firstly, how much time do you spend on mobile devices a week? Are smartphones, tablets or computers helping or hindering your work-life balance? We’re all connected in what is termed a ‘networked society’ and it is all great when used in moderation. However, too much screentime I believe can be debilitating, like any addictive product or substance.

For me personally, I spend a lot of time on a computer for my work and although my job in the public service is rewarding, it is not the same as making something. Being able to see something you have made, touch it and even sharing it with another person knowing you have taken time to make it for them is a lovely feeling we should all do.

Secondly, in my last blog Time for self-care or you will probably burnout I shared my feelings and experience of why I decided to make bath bombs and ultimately decide to sell them through a side hustle (I’ll cover that in a future blog post) which gives me an even greater sense of reward knowing that something I made with my own hands may help another person take care of themselves.

It is a humbling feeling that people are also willing to use their hard-earned money to purchase the products I make. Speaking of money, society is considerably changing at a fast pace where most of us barely hold or carry physical ‘money’ and the transactions are now virtual!

Since starting my journey on becoming the world’s best Chief Bath Bomber (never gets old writing that, so cool) I have noticed a significant improvement to my wellbeing and mental awareness, I am laser focussed on my goals, wants, needs and values that I aim to promote in the future.

I’d like to now share what I’ve learnt with you. I’ve come up with my top 5 reasons why handmade gifts will supercharge your mental health. Even if you don’t plan or have time to hand make a gift, please do consider buying handmade gifts as it supports people like me in many ways.

1. Reduces your screen time by keeping your hands occupied

My first top reason is that my screen time – on all my devices – has significantly decreased. I am still doing the same amount of work, but because I am much more focussed I can get on, do what I need to do and get off. I’m using my devices much more like tools to support productivity, rather than tools to procrastinate – being drawn in by information and notifications. Equally, whilst my hands are full with bath bomb moulds and covered in bicarbonate of soda and citric acid – I don’t want to touch my phone – even if it beeps!

2. Increases your ‘me’ time

I pop on some Tracy Chapman or Bob Marley tunes and before you know it I’ve made 12 bath bombs and an hour has passed. In this time I am crafting my skills in making bath bombs (as they are so hard to make) and I have also reflected. I reflect on my week, plan out the next few days and wonder if breathing in too many essential oils might turn me into a walking air freshener! Having this ‘me’ time is so important, take time to do this and you’ll be a champion!

3. Leads to meeting new people, opens new doors, and gain new social interactions

To my surprise, on my journey I have met some lovely people which has led to me doing my first Bath Bomb Workshop to support a local group here in Lincoln with mental health recovery through social prescription and mindful creativity; funded by The National Lottery.

The CANadda group members from the Grantham Child and Adult Mental Health Services (CAMHS) had a fabulous time at the beautiful The Little White House in The Woods and one member told me “I’d come here everyday if I could…and the lakes were amazing…“.

4. You learn a new skill and craftsmanship

Never in my life did I ever think I would be making bath bombs. I have to admit, people that know me have given me some glares and stares when I have told them what I am doing. Some would say they may have even thought ‘I was mad’ a forgiven phrase considering the world we live in currently.

In fact, I have never been more focussed and I have learned some fantastic lifelong skills which I’m sure will come in handy in the future. I have learnt about the Cosmetics industry, the dreaded Cosmetic Product Safety Assessment (CPSA) regulations and most importantly about ingredients, chemicals and packaging labelling. I have increased my understanding of the cosmetics industry which I would not have done so otherwise.

5. You can increase your income, reduces your time to financial independence

Who knew my bath bombs would be so well received? My friends and family used to get all my bath bombs for free (not any more!) and all of them were genuinely surprised how clean, simple and lovely they smell.

This has now translated into a full on side hustle, where I have sold out three times and I am now developing a new premium Cannabinoid (CBD) range (this will be covered in my next blog). Extra income at any age helps towards financial independence, where you can then choose how and when you trade your time for money in the future. Thank you to everyone who is helping me on this journey.

Finally, as we approach the festive season, many of my bath bomb lovers have requested gift wrapping. I’ve covered on my dedicated Gifts page the angsts I have had in developing this whilst being socially responsible. However, it has led to me yet again finding a nice balance between hand packing the bath bomb tubes and my ‘me’ time. I hope you like the gift wrapping and, even more importantly, I hope your friends and family will too.

Now you know my top 5 reasons, please do share this blog and of course please consider me for your future bath bomb needs to help with you or your loved ones self-care. Head on over to my online Shop to check out the lake inspired collection.