Firstly, don’t worry I’m not going to present you with some inspirational quotes or books to read – I will be chatting about how I have managed to motivate myself through investing! No, not the stock market or any financial investment, investment in ‘things’ that right now are going to get me out and about and keep me motivated. What I will say is that often people say ‘You get out, what you put in!‘, do we think this is true?

I enjoyed writing my blog My day trip to the Yorkshire coast and how it empowered me and I thought to myself – how can I stay motivated to go on more day trips and get out more to continue my belief in self-care and improve wellbeing? Easy…buy a DRONE! I know I know, what on earth do I know about drones? 🙈

So let’s get started on 3 things I’ve invested in that have got me out and about, they are fairly obvious and simple but we seldom forget in our busy lives…

Investment 1 – time, to build my vision

Investing time is the first thing I did to build up hand making bath bombs to start my side hustle. An activity I enjoy and enables me to put down my devices and step away from my working desk in doors. The lakes have always been my relaxation spaces so what better way to draw inspiration from them. Investing time takes many sacrifices but as a side hustle you can do this with a few hours a week. Surely you have visions of doing something but never have the time? Can you find a couple of hours each week?

When I first started zebomb in 2019 the products were all inspired by beautiful lakes across the United Kingdom (UK); England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. My original vision was outlined in some beautiful drone footage I put together that you may have seen in My Story to share my vision and look back on, take a look and you tell me if this does not motivate you to get out more?

Investment 2 – buying the drone

When you first search online about drones the price immediately is the biggest concern and you think – oh dear, I am surely going to spend lots of money and then it is going to get blown away or fall into a ditch never to be found! (It still might I’m learning)

Then up pops the the DJI Mavic Mini which is priced from £369 with some added extras if you want them. It seemed a nice combination of price and product quality, rather than cheaper flimsy products that don’t really work.

It was at this moment I thought, for this price surely I can could get one and it will motivate me to get out and visit these lakes? I mean look how cool and enticing this drone is sat in my hallway? This was totally worth the investment. This second investment has been rewarding already without even using it!

Mavic Mini Dock Shots5

The plan to visit British lakes

My original plan after successfully launching zebomb was to visit all of the lakes within my bath bomb product range and write blogs on each of these lakes in 2020. Capturing images and drone footage so it can motivate me and take my customers to these beautiful places of serenity. There are eight lakes on my list which are:

Unfortunately, 2020 has been a challenging year and this has not been possible (as well as, you guessed it – not much time!) – equally it is now more likely these plans will now be put back until 2021. But that does not mean I can’t discover new places of serenity a little closer to home does it? Plus I could get to practice some more photographs and drone footage right?

Investment 3, getting out and about

That’s right, the first and second investments has led me to now getting out and about on day trips as well as re-making plans to visit all these beautiful lakes. To practice this ‘getting out and about’ it was important to at least do a further day trip this month to keep the motivation going and confidence building.

So where could I go this month for my day trip? Chatsworth House of course…here is a sneak peak of some images I took and I will be writing this day trip up in my next blog so I can share with you the full experience and the amazing images I took.

What could you invest in to motive you to get out and about?

A common one is obviously a bike! But what else could you invest in that will motivate you, maybe some new shoes or trainers? A new car? Of course this all depends on budget and some people unfortunately are not as independent to just go out and about so maybe it is something for the home. There must be something that will trigger in your mind reading this that you’ve always wondered about doing – so just do it!

I hope this blog has given you some food for thought and please do take a sneak peak at the new remodelled online Shop 🛍️ to see if you fancy any treats for yourself this month (or maybe a gift for someone else if you’re feeling generous). Wish me luck learning to fly the drone and I hope to share with you my results in the not too distant future, thank you.